ADL assessments where impacting on ability to RTW

Our Occupational Therapists have significant experience in the area of ADL assessments. ADL assessments involve assessing an injured worker’s ability to perform self-care tasks and activities of daily living, and to make recommendations to improve their independence in these areas; hence assisting with recovery and RTW timeframes.

ADL assessments can be utilised in relation to pre and post-surgery, significant or catastrophic injuries and to review previously recommended services.

Medico-legal & Work Capacity Assessments

Prowork Consultants experienced team also provide Medico-legal and Work Capacity Assessments. Reporting may be based on an injured workers’ functional capacity, domestic / home requirements, return to work capacity, vocational and / or earning capacity. Reporting would be tailored to ensure client questions and / or requirements are objectively answered and thoroughly documented.

Occupational Dictionaries

Occupational dictionaries are valuable resources in providing treating medical practitioners / allied health professionals with accurate information pertaining to the critical physical, cognitive and environmental work demands of tasks performed at a particular workplace.
Treating medical practitioners are able to utilise this information to assist with the establishment of realistic RTW goals and contribute to informed decisions regarding injured worker’s capacity to carry out specific duties (with modifications where necessary) as part of the RTW process. This not only reduces downtime and loss of productivity for the organisation but also assists with minimising overall worker’s compensation premiums and lost time injuries; as treating medical practitioners have a greater understanding of the workplace and the availability of suitable or alternative duties.

Occupational dictionaries can also be utilised for pre-employment screening, to assist with the determination of whether candidates can safely perform the inherent requirements of the role.


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