Innovative Solutions
Timely Outcomes
Find out more about how Prowork Consultants can help you
Innovative Solutions
Timely Outcomes
Find out more about how Prowork Consultants can help you

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Prowork Consultants aim to provide proactive workplace rehabilitation services, which are timely and cost effective.


Prowork Consultants offer assessment services to assess the needs of injured workers for the purpose of developing a strategic plan of action, in order to facilitate a safe and early return to work.


Prowork Consultants offer customised training programs focused on assisting organisations to reduce workplace injuries, increase productivity, upskill employees and reduce costs.


Prowork Consultants provide specialised services such as Occupational Dictionaries, ADL Assessments, Medico-Legal and Insurer Investigation Assessments to ensure coverage of all aspects of workplace rehabilitation.

Prowork Consultants is an accredited workplace rehabilitation provider, specialising in the provision of workplace injury prevention and case management services.

At Prowork Consultants, we understand the financial and emotional impact a workplace injury can have on an individual and organisation. Our team of experienced health professionals are committed to working in partnership with our clients to develop innovative solutions aimed at preventing and managing workplace illness and injury.

Prowork Consultants offer a comprehensive range of services that are tailored to our client’s needs, assisting them in achieving their business goals.

Established in 2003, Prowork Consultants’ success has come through offering our clients a customised approach which aligns with their own business goals. Our clients are from a diverse range of industries including manufacturing, transport, health and retail. This diversity has broadened our understanding of the needs inherent within different sectors of today’s workforce.

Our team of health professionals have extensive experience in the field of injury management. Combined with a commitment to understanding our client’s needs and expectations, we have proven through our results, that we can achieve the most effective outcome. In relation to the NSW WorkCover scheme, our Return to Work Rates, as reported by WorkCover NSW, have been consistently 20% or higher the state average, confirming our expertise and performance in the industry.

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