Customised Training Programs in Workplace Ergonomics

Prowork Consultants develop and facilitate evidence-based training programs which assist employees to understand how ergonomics contributes to health and safety management.

Primary injury prevention is the key area where ergonomics programs can be implemented. Prowork Consultants training programs are designed to help reduce the incidences of workplace injuries by teaching safe work habits and focusing on the importance and implementation of ergonomic principles.

The content of the ergonomic training program can be customised according to the needs of an organisation.

Manual Handling Training Courses / Programs

A substantial number of all work related injuries in Australia occur during manual handling tasks. In some instances, the injured worker never achieves full recovery or may require an extended period of rehabilitation to facilitate a return to optimal functional capacity.

Prowork Consultants’ manual handling training services in accordance with Safe Work Australia’s ‘Hazardous Work Tasks – Code of Conduct’ (dated December 2011).

Based on general training requirements and extensive years of experience in the industry, Prowork Consultants offer various ‘customised training packages’.

The most cost and time effective option would be negotiated with an organisation to ensure the delivery of training packages which focus on evidence based education principles; an interactive based training approach, which includes both a practical and theoretical component. This is to enhance the learning experience.


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