Initial Needs Assessments / Case Management Services

Prowork Consultants offer rehabilitation services that assess the needs of injured workers for the purpose of developing a strategic plan of action to facilitate their safe and early return to the workplace.

Prowork Consultants supports current research, which supports the maintenance and / or resumption of normal activities as soon as possible after an injury, is beneficial to injured individuals. The goal of workplace rehabilitation is to minimise the impact of injury to all aspects of life and relevant parties involved. Our service delivery approach endeavours to implement the most effective options to ensure the earliest, safest and most appropriate RTW plan for the injured worker and their workplace.

We provide our clients with supportive, innovative and results driven outcomes. Prowork Consultants are committed to maintaining regular communication with key stakeholders involved in the rehabilitation process, ensuring a proactive and individualised approach.

Prowork Consultants services focus on returning injured workers to their pre-injury employer. However, if this is not possible after consultation with all relevant parties, Prowork Consultants will aim to determine the need for a vocational assessment early in the rehabilitation process, (so to be as cost effective as possible). Prowork Consultants recognises the importance of timely intervention as a critical success factor in returning injured workers back to durable employment. If it is determined that an injured worker will require vocational assistance with finding employment with a new employer, referral of the injured worker to a specialist in vocational assessment and rehabilitation will be implemented, once approval has been gained by all parties.


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